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FounderAlyssa Bowser

Alyssa Bowser, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, embarked on her dance journey at Brenda Lee's Dance Studio at the young age of three, under the guidance of Brenda herself. Transitioning from Brenda Lee's Dance Studio, Alyssa joined the Young Performers Theatre Camp (YPTC) where she discovered her new home at The Pointe! Dance Studio.
At The Pointe!, Alyssa kickstarted her competitive dance career and toured with Straight to The Pointe! Dance Company. Graduating from the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts, where she specialized in dance under LaDeva Davis's tutelage, Alyssa also participated in the Dance Creating New Stars summer intensive (DCNS) led by Dara Meredith and Laceda Nelson.
Alyssa has since served as an assistant director at Next Generation Dance Conservatory, Dance Director at Collective Mic Productions, the Creative Director for the Cheltenham School District's Annual Black History Month Celebration, rehearsal directors for Straight To The Pointe! Dance Company, the studio from which she graduated.

Alyssa aspires to pay it forward, inspired by the mentorship she received. She is now the proud owner of Philadelphia's first adult-only dance studio, offering ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop classes to adult learners who have a passion for dance and wish to rekindle their love for it.

Alyssa hopes to continue to give back to her students and learners as her teachers and mentors have always given back to her. She prides herself on creating a safe space for dancers of any experience level to grow, explore, and surrender to the little dancer inside each of us.


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Our Weekly Schedule