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Such a cute dance boutique for women! I had so much fun and the other ladies were so encouraging and nice.


Patricia C

Genuinely one of my favorite experiences. I have been looking for a dance class that caters SPECIFICALLY to adult learners with ZERO experience & THIS IS IT. As someone who takes a while to learn new things, I felt so encouraged not only from my teachers, but the environment itself to be vulnerable and open to this new experience. While we do learn the technical and historical stuff, which is incredibly helpful for someone like me who likes to know the, "WHY/HOW"...the physical instruction itself is broken down into layman's terms as to not overwhelm, but to truly TEACH. Whether you're a true beginner like me or someone who just wants to polish what they already know, SECOND CHANCE DANCE is the place for you. 10/10 experience.

Favorite Experience

Najah H

SCD is the perfect place for adults if you're looking to bring dance back into your life or if you're a beginner looking to try something new! Alyssa is so supportive and patient, but she pushes and challenges you to grow as well. She offers a fantastic array of classes, and the dancers there readily welcome you into the SCD family. It's an amazing and flexible environment for working adults who love dance. As a 40-yr old, I thought my time dancing had passed and I'm so grateful to be back at it!

Perfect place for adult

Jillian S

I have been a martial artist for over two decades. One of the most beneficial things that I have done was to include dance in my training regiment. I became a member of Second Chance Dance Studios, and it has improved my footwork and spatial awareness. The Second Chance Dance will enhance your training to the next level.


Haneef M

I've wanted to take ballet since I was a child. After reaching a certain age I thought it wouldn't be possible to train in ballet without getting a personal trainer. This school makes it possible and it makes me feel like I'm a child again! It's really a second chance! So much fun! I love it ❤️



I took my first class at Second Chance Dance last month after almost 20 years. I took jazz classes in elementary and middle school and I can say that after a few classes with Alyssa I am learning much more than I did when I was younger. Alyssa is not only patient, breaking down each step to meet everyone at their experience level but she also teaches technique. I’m so impressed with how much I’ve improved over the course of just a month of classes and I can confidently say that it’s a direct result of Alyssa’s teaching. I’m excited to continue taking classes at SCD.


Justine C